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Our BT Lifter hand pallet truck with 99 years warranty on the fork frame.

The classic hand pallet truck

Our BT Lifter hand pallet truck with 99 years warranty on the fork frame.

Hand pallet trucks

The BT Lifter hand pallet trucks from Toyota have been setting the standard in strength and performance for over 60 years. This entire class-leading range of hand pallet trucks has proven to be extremely durable and are therefore used in every industry.
BT Lifter Standard LHM230

Classic hand pallet truck

BT Lifter Silent LHM230SI

Silent handling

BT Pro Lifter LHM230P

Assisted handling

BT High Lifter


BT Lifter with Scale LHM200SC


BT Lifter Galvanized

Specialised environments

BT Heavy Lifter LHM300

Specialised pallet handling

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