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We offer industrial equipment installed at the loading face (Loading Bays) of buildings or at inside openings of a warehouse (Industrial Closures) that allows users , to speed-up operations , reduce handling costs of the goods, reduce the risks of operators, protect against hazards and provide energy savings. Basic components of the Loading Bays are the Dock Levellers, the Sectional Overhead Doors and the Dock Shelters. Basic components of the Industrial Closures are the fast flexible doors and the fireproof doors.

Loading bays

docking points

Dock levelers, sectional doors, dock shelters & dock house


  • Dock Levelers to seamlessly connect truck beds with warehouse floor
  • Sectional Doors for efficiently managing the opening and closure
  • Dock Shelters for protecting warehouse operations against weather
  • Dock Houses the easy and economical way to create loading bays

Industrial closures


Fast doors, fireproof doors & special doors


  • Fast Doors for productivity and cleanliness inside the warehouse
  • Fireproof Doors to protect lives and property
  • Special Doors to suit all needs


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